Winter at Winterton and the story of Roo…..

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Although we have miles of beaches on our doorstep, it is nice to explore the local area and Winterton beach is well worth the short drive down the coast from Seascape.     A very popular beach for dog walkers with miles of unbroken beach backed by the dunes…..       IMG_1407I have lots of memories of Winterton, at High School in Great Yarmouth we had an annual sponsored walk 16 mile round trip walking along the beach GY to Winterton, turn round and walk back.   Walking on the dunes is not easy and it seemed to go on forever as a teenager, although I recall lots of larking around on the way…..     Many years ago I lived quite close to Winterton and it was wonderful to be able to jump in the car after work to walk on the beach and enjoy the light evenings in summer.

So now Mark and I return as dog walkers !   Roo, our rescue dog has been living with us since May.  She is a Spanish podenco, a breed bred for hunting, but was found as a stray living rough in a cave on wasteland in Spain with her litter.   Roo was so nervous of people I am told it took two weeks for her  Spanish rescuers to get her trust so that she could be taken in.  The good news is that her pups were homed and eventually our lovely girl found her way to us via an amazing Norwich based charity who work alongside Spanish dog charities rehoming these delightful dogs all over the world.    Have a look at their site and have your heart broken.  Lexy, the founder, is so passionate about her dogs and her enthusiasm and energy for this cause is beyond belief.

Roo is still nervous with new people, but her confidence is coming on leaps and bounds.   She is a joyful dog, a real clown and she is well and truly under our skin! The beach is the only place we can confidently let her off the lead as she certainly hasn’t lost her old hunting instincts!    Podencos are the same family as greyhounds, and boy can you see that when she is at full pelt on the beach ! So yesterday was a happy day on the beach in the weak winter sun, with the added bonus of cake at the Dunes cafe (well dog walking does burn a lot of calories) but best of all, a FULL rainbow as we were leaving…….     IMG_1410   And for you dog lovers (so many of our guests are!) here is my Roo’s story in pictures…